New Website!!

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, I have been working on getting a website up and I think that I finally have it up and running. The website will contain the same type of material that you will find on this blog. It will be full of different post about sports, hobbys, and electronics. It will also feature a store where you can purchase equipment for your hobby. It is a very safe to purchase these materials. I wil be using a Astore. Which is by Amazon. You will never actually send me the money. It will all go through Amazon. The least amount of hassle to help you feel safe while purchasing items. I will also be adding several more stores to the page at later dates. More specialized stores to help you find what you need. Again I ask that you give me any suggestions that you may have. I will be glad to to talk about any topic that you wish. I think that I will be getting the hang of this blogging. I also have a blog on the website. The only blog that is posted right now is hints for Battlefield 3. I will be posting more later and also others about different games and sports. Thank you again for reading my blog and please take a look at my website link below:


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