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Mission trip to Peru2012

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well it was over a year ago that I decided to go on a mission trip. But the day has finally came and as I am typing this I am flying over central America towards Peru. We should arrive around 10:30pm. We will then stay in the airport over night as we await our next flight to Pucallpa. From there I am not real sure where we will be headed. We caught a bump in the road 2 days before we left. The village we was to go tell of Jesus decided that they didn’t want us to come because we were white Americans. Which to be honest kind of hurt. But not as bad as watching my girls cry as I got on this plane. That was probably the hardest thing I have ever seen. But back to the trip… W will now take a truck to Puerto Bermutez from which I am not sure which direction we will be headed. Either way is fine with me. I couldn’t be happier to be spreading Gods amazing word so that others can experience is Grace. We will be able to be in villages for about 4 days. During those days we will be telling the Creation to Resurection story. W will also be spending times building relationships. I can’t wait to get back to a place where I can blog about all the wonderful things that has happened. By then I will be able to update you with words for hope and victories, but also with pictures until then please pray for us as we all travel a path of our lives which we have never experienced. But. Most importantly pray for our families as they are bad k at home fighting the battles on the home front. If your read this Alicia I love you. More than words can ever imagine!!! Tank you for supporting me on this trip and the others that are with me. Until then remember you can do all things through Christ !!!!