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Later this year  new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 will be out. How exciting is that. I know that we have all been looking forward to some more scenerios that we can play. I for one will be getting these packs.

Close Quarters: From what I have heard this one will drop you into a small area where it will be infintry only. No tanks or aircraft on this pack. Also everything will be destroyed as you shoot it. Rumble will be everywhere and it will be intense battle. I believe this is the one I am looking forward to the most. It will also bring in new weapons, dog tags, and new assignments. Cant go wrong with new weapons

Armored Kill: This one will be quite the opposite of the first expansion pack. This one is believed to be nothing but tanks and aircrafts. Probally even some new vechiles and aircraft. Probally not going to be on my top list of things to buy, but its always a possiblity. Also a new map might be coming with this one.

End Game: This will probally be the last one to come out. Hince the “end game” title. Not sure what this one may hold but let me assure you that it will probally be epic!!! DLC has not let me down yet with this game and I highly doubt that it will anytime soon.

If you are as addicted to this game as I am you will be waiting for these packs to come out. All I can say is look for me and pray that you are on the same team! Game on people!


I would have to say that Battlefield 3 is by far the best game that I have ever played. It out ranks COD Modern Warfare 2 & 3. I seem to find myself wrapped up in this game for hours at a time. From the real live sounds and graphics to the number of weapons and upgrades you can obtain. One of the most important things about this game is the realism. Theres no more hiding behind a building and not taking on any damage when a enemy tank shots at you. You will now take on the damage from the building being destroyed or you will die. The huge maps are a big plus and make things a little more stratigical. Conquest would have to be my favorite to play. Its also the easiest one to gain points on. The more points you get the more upgrades you get. If you want to secure lots of points then try the Support kit. Throw the ammo box anytime you are around other teamates. It might not seem like a lot of points when one steps on it, but after a while they add up quickly. Also you get bonus points for every 8 resupplys. If the Support kit isnt your thing then try the Enigneer kit. There you can repair tanks and other vechiles when they are damaged. Also enough repairs will also get you bonus points. Same goes for the Assult kit. In this kit you give out health, which any teammate will be glad to see. I personally like to play on the support kit. It gives me the chance to deploy explosives and have a machine gun. The explosives help me rack up kills and help you earn points faster. I have learned though that it is not good to just use on kit. If you use atleast two kits on a regular basis then it will be easier as the maps change and you are in different situations.

Next we are on to the air attack. I have not yet mastered the flight controls but I am still working on it. This is a very fast way to bring up your kills. You can spot people from the air and gun them down without drawing to much attention to yourself. The helicopter seems to be easier to fly than the airplanes. They also have the best moves and guns to choose from. Of course the jets have missles that you can use to blow up the tanks and buildings, but seem to be harder to fly. As time goes on you will learn to fly these aircrafts better. It is usually best to just try to practice the flying part more than the engaging part, so that you can get used to it. Just like everything else in this game its baby steps.

Now on to one of my favorite parts, the tanks!!!!! This can be easy and fun at the same time. Blowing up buildings is like no other game. Theres no more hiding behind buildings and camping out. At any moment you can be bown out of the building that you are hiding in. The smoke upgrade that you earn is a huge help. You deploy the smoke and it gives you a few seconds to elude your enemys. The ability to switch to a machine gun while in the tank helps you with guys running up and placing the C4 on the tank and running away. Now it always helps if you are riding on the tank, that you have a decent driver. If you dont then it can get you killed very easily. The best times to get into a tank is at the very begining of a match. That way you can advance faster and get the flag points on Conquest matchs. You can bunker down in your tank and protect your location and earn additional bonus points.

If you have any more tips or advantages please feel free to post under the comments. It will be greatly appreciated. Just like I am trying to help you, I would love to get tips also.

New Website!!

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Ok, I have been working on getting a website up and I think that I finally have it up and running. The website will contain the same type of material that you will find on this blog. It will be full of different post about sports, hobbys, and electronics. It will also feature a store where you can purchase equipment for your hobby. It is a very safe to purchase these materials. I wil be using a Astore. Which is by Amazon. You will never actually send me the money. It will all go through Amazon. The least amount of hassle to help you feel safe while purchasing items. I will also be adding several more stores to the page at later dates. More specialized stores to help you find what you need. Again I ask that you give me any suggestions that you may have. I will be glad to to talk about any topic that you wish. I think that I will be getting the hang of this blogging. I also have a blog on the website. The only blog that is posted right now is hints for Battlefield 3. I will be posting more later and also others about different games and sports. Thank you again for reading my blog and please take a look at my website link below: