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Later this year  new expansion packs for Battlefield 3 will be out. How exciting is that. I know that we have all been looking forward to some more scenerios that we can play. I for one will be getting these packs.

Close Quarters: From what I have heard this one will drop you into a small area where it will be infintry only. No tanks or aircraft on this pack. Also everything will be destroyed as you shoot it. Rumble will be everywhere and it will be intense battle. I believe this is the one I am looking forward to the most. It will also bring in new weapons, dog tags, and new assignments. Cant go wrong with new weapons

Armored Kill: This one will be quite the opposite of the first expansion pack. This one is believed to be nothing but tanks and aircrafts. Probally even some new vechiles and aircraft. Probally not going to be on my top list of things to buy, but its always a possiblity. Also a new map might be coming with this one.

End Game: This will probally be the last one to come out. Hince the “end game” title. Not sure what this one may hold but let me assure you that it will probally be epic!!! DLC has not let me down yet with this game and I highly doubt that it will anytime soon.

If you are as addicted to this game as I am you will be waiting for these packs to come out. All I can say is look for me and pray that you are on the same team! Game on people!